The “wellness” area has restricted entry for those under twelve.
The capacity of the venue is limited so that you can fully enjoy our centres.

We have to:
• Shower before using the facilities
• Use pool swimsuit or bikini
• Use a swimming Cap (hats, scarves or shower caps are not allowed)
• Use the stairs for access to the leisure pool and Jacuzzis

We cannot:
• Enter while under the influence of alcohol or drugs
• Smoke, or enter with any food or beverage
• Enter with street clothes or shoes
• Take photos
• Dive or play in the Jacuzzis or the leisure pool
• Shave or pluck hair in the facilities; or use oils or bath products
• Enter with wounds or injuries

We advise:
• No access if you have any health problem, a heart or respiratory disease or are pregnant
• Do not go barefoot, and be careful not to run in and out of areas likely to be slippery
• For hygiene reasons, put a towel on the benches or chairs. The establishment will provide one towel per person, which must be returned when leaving
• No access with jewellery, watches or any metal objects or electronic equipment or with freshly-dyed hair that could be affected by use of this service. The hotel is not responsible for any damage that may result